AREDF is decicated to developing the healthcare industry in the southern region of Arizona.
The healthcare industry initiative is a call-to-action for the entire industry. It is an invitation for health care organizations and key stakeholders across the region to join AREDF in the effort to cultivate more sustainable business models, implement sustainability practices, and proactively address specific industry challenges within the region.

AREDF is the founder of Healthcare Arizona, an association that aims to create a collaborative setting which engages all stakeholder groups and provides a platform to help healthcare organizations and stakeholders influence widespread, fundamental change in the industry.
Through the collaboration of industry experts, AREDF completed a 2016 Healthcare Needs Assessment, intended to steer the mission of creating sustainable regional healthcare in the right direction by distinguishing areas of opportunity and risk.  The region’s success in establishing sustainability in the healthcare industry will be due in large part to forming strong partnerships with healthcare organizations and other key organizations linked to the industry.

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