west-end business loans

This program is designed to help property owners in the west-end of Sierra Vista overcome the challenges associated with acquiring funding for their property improvements.

Qualified business owners may receive low-interest loans of up to $50,000 to improve the appearance of their facilities or improve infrastructure, which can increase property values and inspire capital reinvestment.

In addition to façade and infrastructure improvements, the loan program is also available for demolition of structures to make way for new development.
  1. Low-interest loans for business owners wanting to improve their building façade or infrastructure in the West-end of Sierra Vista.
  2. AREDF has loaned nearly 400,000 to local businesses throughout the life of the program
  3. Starting in May of 2001, many businesses have successfully entered and exited the program and improved their businesses
  4. One business at a time, the west-end of Sierra Vista is being revitalized through the program, increasing its marketability.