AREDF manages an unmanned systems testing site in Cochise County and is the founder of Aerospace Arizona, a growing association geared toward cultivating a thriving aerospace industry in Arizona!
Aerospace is one of the largest economic sectors in Arizona. With over 1,200 Arizona companies engaged in the market, Arizona ranks 5th amongst all the United States for Aerospace employment.  
Aerospace Arizona promotes and advances the aerospace industry throughout the State of Arizona. The organization represents its members and informs them on legislative, regulatory, safety and technical issues. It also educates federal, state, county, and local elected officials and their staff, as well as other key stakeholders, on the importance and necessity of policies that facilitate a thriving aerospace industry in Arizona.  Aerospace Arizona wants the world to know the State of Arizona is the premier destination for aerospace innovators.
Key Arizona Advantages:
·   World-class educational facilities
·   Ideal meteorological conditions
·   Protected airspace
·   Business-friendly tax & regulatory environment
·   Favorable cost of doing business
The Association achieves their overall mission through advocacy, education, and outreach.  It is unique in its ability to bring together corporate interests and those of large, medium, and small businesses, members, vendors, and suppliers to represent the industry on an equal footing.  It was created to serve its members and the industry.  It serves as a proactive advocate of the interests of the aerospace industry in order to accomplish the enactment of responsible legislation and public policy that promotes the economically viable, socially and environmentally responsible development of the aerospace industry in Arizona.

The Association focuses on long-term results that are in the best interest of the industry as a whole and concentrates on three principal areas: (1) promptly disseminating key information that affects or could affect the industry, (2) advocating on critical issues affecting the industry, and (3) holding value-added meetings, forums, and events.

After persistent work around the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry, the AREDF is experiencing the payoff for their unwavering efforts. With the launch of the Cochise County unmanned aircraft systems testing and training venture, the AREDF is managing the placement of UAS companies in designated test sites throughout the southern Arizona region. Site locations include Benson, Willcox, Safford, and Douglas. “The more runways we have the better.  We want to put all of the usable airspace in the region to good use”, says AREDF Executive Director Mignonne Hollis.

Let us know how we can help you test in Southern Arizona!